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Sunday, April 5, 2015

My favorite piece of original jewelry

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Sharing with you my favorite piece of orginal jewelry. Not that I have tons of original pieces, but I've found a few pins and brooches here and there. My wedding ring is actually a small diamond ring that dates to probably the 1920's. When I had it sized up, the woman who did the work asked me about  it. I knew that the diamonds were mine cut...but I didn't realize that they don't do that style of cut anymore. She was very impressed with the ring.
My favorite piece...besides my wedding ring, would have to be the mourning piece that I picked up about a year or two ago.
original mourning piece bought from England

The seller had it dated to around 1780, but I'm thinking with the style of gown, it probably dates closer to 1790. I can't wear it with my 18th century clothes, but it's perfect for anything later, so I wear it with my Regency era clothing and my 1830's stuff. 
worn around my neck with a black ribbon for regency
 I have always wanted a mourning piece, especially after my sister passed away in  2005. Now both my parents are gone as well, so I figured this would be a nice item to wear as a remembrance to all of them.What attracted me to this right off, was not only the style of clothing she was wearing, but her pose. I was scanning through the shops on Ruby Lane for mourning pieces.  When I saw this one, I had to stop and stare....then I called Terry into the room.
J."Take a look at this!"
T. "What am I looking at?"
J. "It's a mourning piece, but tell me what you think it looks like she's doing!"
T. "Well, it LOOKS like she's giving us the finger...."
J. "YES!!!! That's what I thought too!  This pretty much is telling me it's PERFECT for me, right????"
T. "Oh yeah!!! You have GOT to get that!"

So, with Terry's permission, I got to purchase my first mourning piece!!!  Now, she really ISN'T giving anyone the finger.  I knew this, but I thought it was just fate leading her to me. If you look closely enough, you'll see some of the general indications of mourning on this painting. It has an urn and collumn that indicates loss...and she's actually pointing up to the heavens. A friend of ours told us when he saw it, that it's not very common, but is one of those indicators of our mortality.
I believe I got it for about $350....and the shop had a large print at the bottom ASK US ABOUT OUR PAYMENT PLAN!  So, I asked  about the payment plan, and Voila!!! She was mine! ALWAYS ask about payment plans if you find something you REALLY want. I didn't want to go above about $200....but 18th century jewelry of ANY sort is starting to become out of my price range. I'm so happy I got her!

For my 1830's, I wear her pinned on the black ribbon to the bodice of my gown.
At the Williamsburg Milliner's conference last year.
I guess  I'm thinking of my passed loved ones because it's the holiday. I know by wearing this piece of jewelry, I'm doing my family proud...especially my sister....she woulda loved the "finger" pose. 


  1. I’m sure your family is so happy because you are proud to wear that piece of jewelry. The most precious ornaments are not made of gold, silver or diamond. They are made of love and the memories you share with your loved ones. I’m so inspired with people like you who know how to value things in such a way. Thanks for sharing that, Julie! All the best to you!

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers

  2. Thank you for sharing your favorite piece of jewelry. It was very beautiful. I have never given much thought into brooches but seeing how happy this one makes you, makes me reconsider. I also am interested in antique jewelry so thanks for sharing all of this information with me. I appreciate it.

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert