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Thursday, April 2, 2015

An awesome Multi-use bonnet

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Just a quick post on a bonnet I purchased during the summer of 2014. For those who know me, know that I am a Hat Whore. For those who don't know me, Hello, My name is Julie...and I'm a Hat Whore.

Now, I can make the occasional bonnet, or hat....when forced by gun point. Lydia Fast has regency bonnet workshops each year, and when I do choose to attend, she's been nice enough to find "easy" patterns for me. Although I did do a "Mother Goose" style bonnet my first time out, and while it did turn out well....I realized that I was MORE than happy to pay someone for their milinery skills. I can say I've done it, and have done a passable job at it. Now here's my money.

Always on the look out for deliciously beautiful bonnets and the ever elusive Big Ass Cap, I came across a totally perfect bonnet made by Kathleen Kannik  from Kannik's Korner, while attending the Jane Austen Event in Louisville, Ky last summer.
Terry and I at Locust Grove, Louisville, Ky

Now, the freaky fact is, I brought this outfit to wear BEFORE I found the bonnet!!! The gown actually has a green and dark blue pinstripe in it.  I was sooo pleased to find this bonnet, I decided to wear it that weekend. Not only is this perfect for Regency, but it's made very similar to the market bonnets that have gained popularity in the hobby these last 2 years. Not only are they popular for Revolutionary war, but very well documented in runaway ads. A very good read for descriptions is Don Hagist's book  Wenches Wives and Servant Girls. It's a list of runaway ads and describes what they were wearing. Market bonnets are numerous.

I was so happy to find this bonnet, I had a tear in my eye....

But the main reason why I was so happy to find this bonnet, and the color scheme it came in, was the fact that I really want to make this outfit that I found in a period image.
Isn't this SAWEEET!!!????
If and when I do make this outfit, I will definitely post about it.  I just thought this image was sooo Easter/Spring like.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and a happy Passover.


  1. Do you have information on how to sign up for one of Lydia's workshops? I adore your hat and have read several other blogs trying to find contact info. You're experience is the most recent so I am hoping you might have a direction to send me. and I will subscribe to comments here.

  2. Hi Josi! Lydia usually has a workshop weekend in November at Ft. Meigs in Perrysburg, OH. I have Lydia's email I'll send to you when I get home. (I'm on the road right now)

  3. Thank you so much, I appreciate your help :-)