The Fat Reenactress

The Fat Reenactress

Friday, March 27, 2015

the ultimate Fabu 18th century hat

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It  occurred to me after my post yesterday, that I showed pictures of my new 18th century hat/bonnet, but did not give any information on it. So, before anyone thinks I made this awesome piece of eye candy, I want to make it clear, I DO NOT MAKE HATS/BONNETS. Well....unless a gun is held to my head (which came close a couple of times at the Lydia Fast bonnet workshops I've attended, in making a regency bonnet....I'll post that one can look for the tear stains on the fabric).

This piece of awesomeness was made for me by the VERY talented A Fashionable Frolick....and some day, I will learn how to link things to my blog. They have an etsy shop and a facebook page. I would HIGHLY recommend them! We can't be talented in all things, but we CAN be talented enough to know what looks right for our face/shape, and be able to save up and pay someone else for their endless talent!!!

I was scanning Etsy one day, and found the Fashionable Frolick site. They had black bonnets for sale, with a listing that they could also make white. I had been SUPER envious of the awesome hats/bonnets that both Alicia Schult of LBCC Historical wore during our trip....and even more envious of Amber Mendenhall's (of Lady of the Wilderness Blog) black pouff of fabulousness.  (I REALLY need to learn how to link you all to these awesome people) I contacted and messaged with of the awesome owners. All I did was send an inspiration photo....and said white with pink....her choice on decoration and fabulousness. She sent me I think 3 photos of different pink taffetas she had...and I picked one. She told me how much up front (extra  $$ for some extra foufiness...but TOTALLY worth it) and how long it would take. About a month before Christmas...and voila!!! I even kept it in the box without looking at it until Christmas, since it was a gift from my hubby.(and I already saw the two following photos)  I have NOT been disappointed. I would HIGHLY recommend anything that A Fashionable Frolick makes.

Top two photos are courtesy of A Fashionable Frolick. The two following are from Reenactorfest in Chicago, IL. 

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