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The Fat Reenactress

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Breastknots...or....the world of boobieblossoms.

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As you may have noticed in my heading picture, I'm wearing a bow and flowers at the center of my gown. This is known as a breastknot. I have seen reference to these....but I can't recall where at the moment.    If you google "breastknot"'re in for some shocking...and informative....images and descriptions.   NOT the ones I am talking about!!
Simply put, in the 18th and 19th century, breastknots were worn to add color and decoration to an outfit. They could be made of fresh flowers as well as from paper or silk flowers. You may also find breastknots made of  ribbon and tied into a simple bow. Once you start scanning images and paintings from the 18th and early 19th centuries, you'll be surprised to find quite a few examples, and quite a few variations.
It's a very simple item that can enhance an a different focal point, and dressing up a simple gown or outfit. By changing the colors of the breastknot, if using a neutral colored base gown, you can get an entirely different look.
Below are a few images I found and have on my pinterest page:

Sarah Cook 1775
Mrs. Mary Orange Rothery 1773
Rose Bertin
As you can see...the breastknots can be worn as a center front item, or even as a corsage.  You see a variation in placement also in the early 19th century, with the higher bust line. Not only can you place it center front cleavage or to the side as a corsage, but also, at the high waist to delineate the waistline.
1809 fashion plate

 Below are some samples of breastknots that have been made in different workshops that I have given.


  1. Oh my gosh LOVE this post! Your writing is so informative with an extra side of sass. I need a breasknot for my Regency outfit now!

    The Victorian Needle

    1. thanks for the feed back! They are kinda fun to make!